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Multi-Family and Commercial

Multi-Family and Commercial Developers Realize Significant Savings
Utilizing Modular Construction

Multi Family Modular Homes

Leading developers, universities, housing authorities, as well as federal and military agencies are turning to modular core construction to increase their probability of success.

The goal for every project is to come in on budget, on time and finish with a quality structure with minimal callbacks. T & E Development believes modular construction achieves these goals. Time to completion is key. Less time to occupancy means generation of revenue for logging and cash flow coming in from renters in apartments, townhomes or condos. A health care provider is helping patients in months rather than a year.

Projects utilizing modular construction get the job done in an expedited time frame and on budget. Modular construction utilizes a "parallel path schedule." Site work is concurrent with the building of your project modules in the factory. They arrive approximately 80 to 90% complete. Once your modules are set on the prepared foundation, your project jumps significantly ahead of any other site project.

Multi Family Modular Homes

Key Advantages of Modular Construction

MIT Study Shows Soft Cost Savings Can Be Very Significant

A recent study as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was designed to provide information to the development community regarding the benefits, limitations and applicability of modular construction for multi-family projects. It drew upon three case studies as well as interviews with industry experts, architects, developers, manufacturers, brokers and bankers, all having recent experience with modular multi-family projects.

"The primary benefit most developers seek is hard cost savings; however, the soft cost savings for a well conceived project with predictable market demand can be very significant."

Multi Family Modular Homes

MIT's findings include:

The MIT study also found that modular construction is convenient for:

Whether you are a developer, an architecture and engineering firm working on behalf of a client, or the one charged with getting the job done, the benefits of working with T & E Development are many.

From conception to completion, we get the job done.