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Benefits of Modular Construction

No Weather Delays or Damage

We build in a climate-controlled environment using dry materials. Your home is weather tight upon arrival.

Shorter Build Time

By utilizing efficiencies unavailable in the field, and "parallel construction paths" only available with off-site construction, you can often realize substantial time savings.

Consistent Quality - Better Quality Control

Your home will be subject to stringent oversights by various regulatory agencies relative to design, engineering and construction. A thorough internal quality assurance program ensures that your expectations are consistently met.

Inherently Greener

According to Steven Winter, Chairman of the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED For Homes program, "Because [systems-built homes] are built in a factory and much of the lumber is pre-cut, there is less scrap and waste; the cut-off pieces are often ground up and recycled; the central location of a factory means no wasted transportation to get workers to an isolated job site, so there's a savings in fuel and energy. So, in a whole array of material savings, time savings, and energy savings attributes, systems built homes go a long way toward achieving green objectives."

Fewer On-Site Inspections

Many of the inspections that would typically occur on site are handled by state inspectors in our plant. Minimizing the inspections on site results into you moving into your new home sooner.

Naturally More Energy Efficient

Our construction process allows for easier identification and filling of gaps around pipes, electrical outlets, windows, doors and exterior sheathing. Not only does this make the homes tighter, but allows for less air infiltration and advanced energy efficiency, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs.

Stronger Homes

To withstand the rigors of transportation and crane setting, there is typically over 20% more material used in modular construction. Independent studies have shown that homes built this way stand up to extreme conditions such as hurricanes much better than site-built homes.

Guaranteed Price

You will receive a guaranteed price of your new home. Outside influences that affect site-built homes (lumber prices, labor disputes, gas prices, delivery charges) are all locked in for you with T & E Development. Guaranteed price means just that.

Less On-Site Theft or Vandalism

Your home will typically be set and "locked" within one day.